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Fallen lifetimes [entries|friends|calendar]

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updating [25 May 2008|11:56pm]
ok so i thought i'd update. dont really know why just thought i would.

I've started open ni. Its alot of fun but hard work, and i'm procrastinating right now by writing instead of typing up my essay but eh i have time ^___^

I'm enjoying life to the fullest. its all groovy. I'm nearly 20 and much looking forward to it. well laters i'll try and update more


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O.o<< [11 Jul 2007|01:58pm]
Woman scare me....specially mothers....

I was babysitting the other night for a friend so she could go out...after she/d given me the lecture on how to look after a baby...she tride to attack me...with her mouth. Kinda got kissed by my 25 year old family friend, who has a kid, sure shes hot, bt wel i dont think i'll make any moves in that direction really!

other than that, i was looking after nicky's pets for him, bob and sqeeky (geko and rat, in that order of naming). i spilt crickets everywhere! i have to run around and try and grab them....little bastards...i managed to get 4/5 out of the seven, i think...could've only been 6...meh!
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Boom [26 Jun 2007|03:22pm]
Quick like a bomb thats just ben dropped a thousnad people all go boom.....

Man my seplling is illigal.

How is everybody?

I'm ok! i'm saving up to travel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Glastonbury! [26 Jun 2007|10:21am]
well basically the thing to say about this was...Hey look theres some more mud over there!! and if you look to your left, mud! mud! mud!>

it was one big mud flat feild with live music (and if you dont mind me saying) which was Craptastic!
Nearly every single band on the main stages sucked ass. its like no precence! no talent! no nothing yet people where there partying up to it anyway! they're all a bunch of Goats!

Has anybody else heard of Nazi Emus?

The who were good....they were very good. and Baby shambles were good, and lilly allen was alright! (hah terrible joke)

other than that i worked hard for four days (twleve hour shifts) got ill on the saturday night slept for 30 hours got up to see the Who, went back to bed, got up and left!

its to big, to muddy, to loud with out decent reasons, much to many people (180,000 they reconded) so allin all, i can say!

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